How to Easily Incorporate Greens into Your Diet

3 Easy, Tasty Ways to Eat Your Greens

“Eat your greens” is something of a mantra for parents attempting to get their kids to eat the green stuff on their dinner plate. But many adults struggle to get enough servings of greens in their diets as well. The daily recommended intake of vegetables ranges depending on your age, gender, physical activity, and other factors. However, the USDA advises that adults eat 2 to 3 cups of veggies per day. 

As for leafy greens, they are less dense than other vegetables. Because of this, two cups of leafy greens are the true equivalent of one cup of other varieties of veggies. The extra quantity shouldn’t discourage you from incorporating them into your diet, though. Leafy greens are rich in Vitamins A, C, K, potassium, and B vitamins. If you’re looking for greens with more nutrients, opt for those with a darker color, like collard greens and kale.

For anyone wondering how to eat more vegetables and leafy greens without feeling like a rabbit or how to get kids to do the same, we’re sharing some of the best ways to eat your greens every single day.

Why is it important to eat your greens?

The health benefits of eating a diet rich in leafy greens are seemingly endless. Studies have shown that the nutrients in greens have the power to slow cognitive decline, improve eye health, protect your heart from inflammation, strengthen bone health, and reduce your chance of diabetes. They also boost your energy and improve your overall wellness and digestion. Pretty amazing, right?

Since leafy greens are low in calories and high in nutrients, eating your greens should be one of the top priorities in daily diets of kids and adults alike. But the problem is, greens aren’t especially tasty on their own. Like many vegetables, they require a little finesse and attention to make them extra delicious.  

Luckily, there are a few easy and tasty ways to get all the amazing nutritional benefits of leafy greens without eating bowl after bowl of salad.

1. Try a green superfood powder

Green powders are one of the best ways to pack most of your daily veggie requirements into one easy scoop. Why? Well, because they can be mixed into a wide variety of beverages and don’t require any prep on your part. There’s no risk of veggies going bad in the fridge because you didn’t feel like cooking them up. Plus, a green powder can deliver tons of veggie goodness in a serving versus the equivalent amount of fresh vegetables.

What are the best green powders?

Avoid green powders that have artificial additives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. A good green powder will have zero added sugar and plenty of nutritious ingredients, so you can eat your serving knowing it’s got you covered.

We recommend Green Routine because it’s one of the most comprehensive green superfood powders on the market. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a green powder with as many nutritional benefits as Green Routine!

Green Routine is formulated with 35+ Greens, Reds, Superfoods, Antioxidants, Vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients, carefully selected for high potency and bioavailability. Plus, unlike the majority of greens blends on the market, Green Routine uses ingredients you can pronounce with zero added sugar. It’s also Paleo, Keto, and Vegan friendly!

What do you mix green powder with?

The best way to take green powder is to mix it with water, a smoothie, your favorite juice, or even non dairy milk. Although it’s made with veggies, green superfood powder is fairly versatile, so it’ll jive well with many beverages that you’d normally start your day with.

2. Mix greens into your favorite dishes

Whipping up a plate of pasta for dinner? Need to mix up your regular scrambled eggs in the morning? Making a big batch of your family’s favorite soup? Add a handful of leafy greens to these dishes and more. They’ll wilt into the dish, and you won’t even notice the difference. And neither will the kids!

3. Make a green juice

Consider this your sign to break out the juicer! Combine leafy greens with other vegetables and your fruits of choice to make a custom green juice in the mornings — or anytime you want a healthy boost. If you’re looking for a sweeter juice, make sure to up the fruit content to partially mask the taste of the veggies.


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