It all started with a Morning Routine.

Routine was founded by a wife and husband duo with one simple goal, use Trusted Ingredients and make them Convenient.  

Erin and Jake, lead very active "on the go" lifestyles as parents, fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and travelers.  They are on the go just like most and have been searching for a way to get their nutrition with time tested ingredients (that everyone knows and can pronounce) in a convenient manner for daily wellness.  

A Note from our Co-Founder, Erin:

"In our fast paced environment filled with parenting, activities, work, travel, fitness, immunity concerns and everything else being thrown our way, it is all the more important to stay on a ROUTINE.  

We appreciate your support on this journey to bring powerful ingredients to the market and support the wellness of those who are looking to lead happy and healthy lives!"  ~Erin~

A Note from our Co-Founder, Jake:

"I have always been a big believer that the early bird gets the worm and that high level activity, hydration, nutrition, and thought in the morning are essential to having a successful and productive day.  These things are easy to maintain while at home but much more difficult while traveling.  Because of this is why we created Routine, to provide those same trusted ingredients in a convenient way, no matter where you are."  ~Jake~


Our promise: 

We are committed to the consistency and quality of the products and ingredients we produce. We believe that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you're doing. We promise to conveniently deliver on these values with every product we create, every day.  Thank you for your support and making us a part of your Routine.